I own 4 producing mares, each chosen for overall type, balance, correctness and pedigree. I believe a broodmare must be not only an outstanding individual, but must also have something special to offer. I treasure each one of my mares for the strengths they produce for me.

The mares have been complimented by the outstanding stallions I’ve been honored to own. Prior to 2000 most of my foals were by multiple World Champion and a leading Futurity sire, Sierra Dawn Unos Monarch, purchased by Scott Creek Miniature Horses in 2001.

Now my chosen stallion is Winsome Monarchs Best Foot Forward (See Stallions). And what a great decision to grow him out as my herd sire! I'm very proud of the type, quality and consistency of Devon's foals. His first 2008 colt topped his division on the Honor Roll for 2 months, and was a multi-supreme winner. Devon has had only 4 foal crops of 11 foals and already has 3 National or World Top Ten foals, one colt that topped the Honor Roll in Yearling Colts 30-32" for 3 months, and 1 filly who has garnered multiple Supremes, Grands and Reserves in our tough NW competition. (See Devon's Progeny)

Enjoy the following pages of Winsome's horses, and especially our For Sale page.

Pictures on this site are by Jay Goss Photography, Kelly Campbell, Gold Vision and Iola Stetson.
Winsome, Etc. started in 1983 with the purchase of "just one" mini. Having been in BIG horses since I was six, having a mini satisfied my need to smell, brush, and love a four-legged thing that whinnied. Of course, I was hooked and after she won Champion Mare in her first show (I believe there were 12 total horses) I just had to breed her.

My goal when I first started breeding is the same as today: Winsome, Etc. will become one of the respected breeders of world and national contenders, while not exceeding 6 permanent horses. I am very proud of my progress toward this goal.
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